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An update to my home coffee bar

Love this new addition!

Sooooo…..I have a pretty good coffee syrup collection. But I was only able to display 3 on my coffee bar, due to the room I had to work with. But I saw this coffee syrup stand that holds 6 bottles, and I fell in love!

What do you think? Isn’t it great-looking? I love the wood it’s made from.

And here’s a zoomed out view of how my home coffee bar looks with the new addition!

(What is NOT pictured is the giant k-cup dispenser I have, which would be to the left of my Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus. But if I got that monstrosity in the pic, I wouldn’t have room for anything else, lol!)

I am in love with my home coffee bar!

When I first got the idea to create a home coffee bar, I went to town on the internet, searching for home coffee bar designs. I wanted a DIY coffee bar so badly! Well, little by little, it came together. It’s not over-the-top nuts, as frankly – ain’t nobody got time for that! But it’s just perfect to make my evening lattes and cappuccinos at home.

My latte art still pretty much stinks, by the way, lol. Here’s my latest as of two days ago:

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. This is supposed to be a heart. I mean, it kinda is, but still.

But anyway – back to the subject. I love this coffee syrup stand because it can house six 750ml bottles. Before this, I was only able to display about 3, so this makes a big difference. I do love coffee syrups. Some self-proclaimed “REAL coffee drinkers” scoff at coffee syrups. But I don’t! The more you look around, coffee aficionados across the globe are increasingly turning to coffee syrups to add a touch of sweetness, richness, and unique flavors to their favorite brews. With an array of choices available, from classic flavors like vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut to more adventurous options such as pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and toasted marshmallow, there’s a syrup to suit every palate. Arguably, there really is something for everyone!

What store can you purchase coffee syrups? I purchase most of my coffee syrups at Marshalls or Home Goods. They usually have a pretty decent selection and at great price. Probably the most inexpensive I’ve ever found. You can also find them at Walmart and Target. Online you can get them on Amazon. Don’t forget to purchase the pumps as well! I get the syrup pumps online on Amazon at a great price. I’ll link everything down below that is on my coffee bar. But I love feeling like a home barista, and having my own DIY coffee bar cafe in my home! It’s fun – and yummy!

I love to see pics of other people’s home coffee bars! Please email them to me here and I’d love to feature them on my blog with your permission! There’s so many great ideas out there – from those who have a lot of space to work with, to those who have very little space. Anything is doable in the coffee world! So send me some pics, or at least describe your home coffee bar in the comments. Let’s share ideas!

Here are links to the items on my coffee bar:

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
*Also as a Breville affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. In either case, it costs you NO extra!

So this is everything on my coffee bar, and I love every single item! They just make me happy. Which, in my opinion, is what anything coffee-related was created to do! lol

Again, if you have your own DIY home coffee bar, please email me a pic and I’ll include it on a future blog post! I absolutely love seeing other people’s coffee bars! I look forward to your pics!

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