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Latte Art – Friend or Foe?

My Beginnings with Latte Art Designs

Ehhhh…’s not the best, lol! BUT, I have definitely come a long way! I’m going to share a few pics of my beginner latte art designs. However, you have to promise not to laugh! Promise? Ok, good.

Actually, go ahead and laugh. I did! They’re definitely good for a chuckle! 😀

Ok so this was my first ever latte art experience one year ago. This was a tulip. Or a flower. Or a vine. Or…whatever you see it as, that’s what it was supposed to be! lol! Gotta give me props for trying.

But then, yes….I progressed slightly. Sure the heart is not centered in the middle of the cup, but it is a heart nonetheless, right? hehehe! I’m getting there!

Now, I challenge any of you to try this one! A person jumping rope! This takes skill. This take expertise. This also takes a totally random blob that just happened to look like a person jumping rope! I did fool a few people on my personal Facebook page that I really had tried to design a person jumping rope. But the majority of my friends know me better than that, lol.

So then I started getting better little by little. And I mean LITTLE. At least things were starting to take shape a bit more!

You cannot deny that is a tulip! (But if you do, I won’t be mad!) hehe

Yes, I know. This looks more like an onion than a latte.

Another onion, only fatter. Oh well, progress is progress!

Awesome Latte Cups

These glass latte cups that I use are an absolutely perfect size for making lattes and *attempting* to do latte art. I ordered smaller ones at first, but they just didn’t cut it. These 10 ounce glass latte cups are just the right size for seasoned latte artists as well as beginners, and everything in between! (like me!)

They are double-walled and insulated glass mugs, which are great for holding a steaming hot latte or cappuccino. Love!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

So where are you on your journey?

Are you a seasoned latte art artist? Are you in the beginnings of your creations? Or are you like me – getting there slowly but surely? Admit it – I know you cracked some smiles at my latte art. I know I certainly did! How can you not? Some of the above is an abomination! lol I’m not denying! But it’s all in fun and practice. I just with I could drink more coffee than I do so that I can practice more. But there’s only so many coffees one can make in a day.

Or….is there??? What’s your coffee count per day? Let me know in the comments below!

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