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My Home Coffee Bar and Accessories

Home Coffee Bars – Doable for any budget!

Looking to set up your very own coffee bar? Tight on cash, have plenty to spend, or anywhere in between – you can do this!

Having a home coffee bar for me is just plain FUN! Oh, and delicious, of course!

I started out small, probably as most people do. If you are a simple to middle-of-the-road coffee lover, there are so many options that will not break the bank. I started out with a Keurig machine, a K-Cup holder, and different sugars. totally simple, and frankly a little on the boring side. But hey, it was useful and I loved it! If that’s all you need to make you happy, then so be it. However, I started to get a little more interested in making espresso based drinks at home. 


Once I started looking into home espresso makers, I noticed that the pricing was all over the map. You can get espresso makers as cheap as $30.00, and as expensive as into the thousands! I opted for one with good reviews on Amazon. I found the Yabano espresso machine did the trick! They also have pretty good coupons available. Even if not, it’s a great machine for the price!

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It made delicious lattes and cappuccinos! So there it just goes to prove that you do not need a pricey machine to make espresso drinks at home.

Buuuuttttttt……. More intricate machines are sure a lot of fun! Hehe!  Prior to me purchasing the above espresso maker, a friend of mine had purchased the Breville Barista Express.  That looked like an amazing machine!  She absolutely loves it. One time we were on Zoom together and I made her turn the camera just so I can watch her make an iced latte! lol Then another friend of mine right after that purchased the Breville Barista Touch.  That definitely piqued my interest!  I then joked to my husband how our anniversary was only a week away at that time, and well…hint hint!  However, it did have a pretty big price tag and I was obviously joking.

Breville Barista Express

Much to my surprise the next week, on the morning of my anniversary, there the Barista Touch was on my coffee bar in a big ole box!  BEST GIFT EVER!  Even though I was pretty positive we were now broke, lol! But it was definitely the splurge of the year, and WELL worth it!  It’s almost a year old and I absolutely love it as much as the first day I got it!

Breville Barista Touch


So now I started getting all these home coffee bar ideas swirling in my head.  But, here is how it ended up:

(Please forgive my crooked picture-taking skills! lol)

The items on my coffee bar:

Cuisinart Grind & Brew Plus – Makes a regular 12-cup pot of coffee, with or without grinding your own beans.  It also has a single-serve side for those super busy mornings when I want a cup of java but have to run out the door!

Gevi Coffee Bean Grinder – I love this machine! Why?  Well, my husband and daughter one day decided to pull out the buffet that the coffee bar and all coffee accessories is on.  But they did not unplug the grinder, so SLAM!  Down it goes onto the floor with a *bang* and coffee beans everywhere.  I was positive it was broken.  There was NO way anything could survive that fall!  But sure enough, Gevi proves itself to be a solid machine!  I’ve had this machine for over a year now and it’s still chugging along perfectly! There are many different-sized grinders for many of your personal needs available, at good prices and great quality – including Gevi – here!

Breville Barista Touch – Well, I’ve definitely said enough about this machine on this blog!  LOVE!  You can make your own drink settings and save them to the touchscreen.  It can be set to automatically froth milk to various settings, or you can do it manually and perfect your milk-steaming skills. It has a built-in grinder so your espresso drinks have that freshly-ground coffee taste.  This is an amazing machine!!!  Totally recommend!

Various coffee syrups – can one have a coffee bar and NOT have syrups?  I think not.  Torani syrups are by far my favorite.  Both the regular and the sugar-free syrups are tasty!

Coffee carafe – This is for after I brew a big pot of coffee.  If it’s not going to be drunk soon, I will heat up this coffee carafe with hot water for a few minutes.  Then after I dump out the hot water, I’ll pour the brewed coffee in.  I don’t like to let coffee sit on burners for too long.  Yuck!

I got the turquoise one 🙂

And we can’t forget about the Coffee Bar mats for underneath the coffee makers! Protects the wood buffet great and they’re SO adorable too!


So that’s my home coffee bar and accessories!  Do you think I have even MORE coffee accessories INSIDE the buffet underneath the bar?  If you answered ‘yes’, you are most certainly correct! Lol  But those are posts for other days! 

What’s on your coffee bar? Do tell! I love getting different ideas from all sorts of people, and changing things up a bit! Comment below on what’s sitting on your coffee bar!

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