Thanks so much for visiting my coffee site! Here you will find happy, caffeinated people! Or….not caffeinated. (Yes, I have plenty of suggestions for decaf brews as well!)


My name is Christie and I live at the Jersey Shore.  I have loved coffee since I was 16. I vividly remember going on a trip with my mother. She is an early riser, and at the time – being 16 years old – I definitely was not. So when she would try to wake me up, she would make a cup of coffee and put it on the nightstand. That’s when a love affair was born. The intoxicating aroma, the taste….I was hooked immediately.

On into my adulthood, I have been through many coffee machines and many different methods of brewing. I love them all! I think it’s great there are so many ways to brew, and so many variations of the coffee itself. To me, a cup of coffee is happiness. My few minutes of vacation during hectic days. I know many of you can relate!


I’ve been told many times I should blog about coffee. I put it off because, well – there are already many blogs about coffee. But then I reasoned that people feel all different ways about their coffee. Some will drink anything, while others will only drink a certain method of brewing, or certain beans, etc. Perhaps some of you will resonate with my middle-of-the-road relationship with coffee! In any event, I hope you find this blog filled with fun, happy, coffee-themed information!


I have a passion to talk about things I like.  All of my affiliate links in this blog are either things I have and I love, things a friend has and loves, or things I would be excited about buying.  Clicking on my affiliate links does NOT cost any more for you – I only get a very small percentage of the sale.  This is totally a hobby for me, as I do not possibly make enough off of my links for any substantial income whatsoever.  That’s not why I’m in this.  I want to develop a coffee community that is fun, happy, helpful and insighful.  I am NOT paid or endorsed by any company to talk about any of their products.  This is coming straight from me, myself, and I.  My likes, my interests, and my experiences.  So rest easy!


Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting your coffee journey, this blog is for you.

Thanks for visiting with me! Grab a cup of java, sit back, and relax! Happy sipping!


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