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Most Common Coffee-Making Issues and Mistakes

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Not getting it ‘just right’? Do any of these common coffee issues sound familiar?

Many people struggle with the same ‘coffee making problems’ – it’s too strong, it’s too weak, it tastes burnt, it’s too hot, it’s too tepid…..have you come across any of these issues? Well fear not – there are simple solutions to these creepy coffee catastrophes!

#1 (and probably the most common) – Your coffee is too strong or too weak

Obviously we know WHY the coffee is too strong or too weak – too strong due to too many coffee grounds for the amount of water, and too weak due to not enough coffee grounds for the amount of water. When it’s weak, you get a ‘coffee-flavored’ water, and when it’s strong – well, watch out! lol It can taste bitter as all heck.

So where’s the sweet spot? Well, the answer to that is quite subjective. Some people may like their coffee on the strong side, some on the weak side. Therefore, you have to play around with it to get it just right. In general, the rule of thumb is for every 6 ounces of water, you’d want 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee. So knowing that, you must be cognoscente of how many ounces of water you want to brew in your pot, and then can add the proper amount of grounds. Until you’ve got it down pat, it’s best to add the water to your pot using a glass measuring cup. That way you will know exactly how many ounces of water is in there. As for the grounds, I’d use 1.5 tablespoons to start off – I find that in the sweet spot of brewing a pot of coffee.

So if you find your coffee is tasting a little funky one way or the other lately, get back to basics and measure it out so that you can reset your mind as to what makes the proper brew strength for your individual taste!

2. Coffee has a ‘off’ taste, or no taste really to speak of at all

This can come from using low-quality coffee. Note that I didn’t say “inexpensive” coffee, because I have found a number of quite inexpensive coffees that are just delicious! But low quality coffees are more like bottom-of-the-barrel, leftover bean parts funneled into a can. Or bag. You’d know it if you tasted it! We all know everything is getting more expensive these days, and coffee is no exception. BUT, like I said, there are great quality low-cost coffees out there. Even whole bean organic! Like the Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean coffee you can buy at Aldi! They are from Peru or Honduras. Absolutely, positively DELICIOUS! And for only about $6.00-ish per bag! I wouldn’t steer you wrong. It’s out of this world!

I’ve also spoke about Amazon’s brand Colombian ground canned coffee on this blog. It’s surprisingly good, and very well-priced. But, if you are cheaping out by buying a low cost low quality coffee, are you really saving money? Probably you will either choke it down and be disgusted, or you will end up throwing it out anyway and buying a more reputable brand. Stick with the good stuff. You absolutely can find good-low cost coffee!

Something else that will affect your coffee’s taste is the water that you use. Tap water is generally not the best for coffee use, as it contains minerals and contaminants that can really affect the taste of your coffee. Definitely stick to filtered water. Some coffee makers have a filter stick that is inserted into the water reservoir, but even if not, use a Brita or Pur water filter to get the yuckies out of the water.

3. When brewed properly, coffee still may not taste as it should.

Choose whole bean over ground coffee! About 90% of your coffee taste problems can be solved when you grind your beans fresh every day. What a difference! Get yourself a grinder and get grinding!

Buying whole coffee beans and grinding them yourself makes all the difference when it comes to a fresh-tasting cup of java!

Whole beans actually stay fresh longer than ground coffee. The reason why is because the whole bean holds in gases and oils that are released only when ground. So when you grind fresh, the taste is better. Whereas pre-ground coffee had their gases and oils released a while back.

Yes, we can all go the easy way all the time and purchase our coffee ground already, but when it comes to our coffee, do we reeeeeally want to?? I’ll answer for you: NO! (hehehe!)

Now an issue can also arise with using whole beans. Old beans can go stale! Using as newly-roasted coffee beans as possible will ensure a hearty cup of java! If you can’t/are unable to get out and purchase fresh bags of beans, then this is where a coffee subscription comes in handy. I’ve had one from time to time, and the beans are roasted right before shipment and are outstandingly delicious!! Storage for whole beans is important, too….stop then in an airtight cool, dry place to keep that little beanies fresh and tasty!

So I hope this helps you a bit! What issues have you come across with brewing your coffee? Chime in down below!

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